Our Commitment to Objectivity

We at BrightScope have had the good fortune to speak with hundreds of plan sponsors, financial advisors and other industry participants over the past few months.  One of the most consistent themes we have heard from everyone is the importance of our independence.  If plan sponsors and service providers are going to rely upon us to provide them with high quality benchmarking data, they want to be sure that we are in a position to provide that data free of bias.  Because this is such an important subject, we at BrightScope have decided to publish our Research and Analytics Objectivity Policy. In this document we detail out our commitment to avoid conflicts of interest and disclose the internal policies we have put in place to protect our independence.

We want the marketplace to know that we take our objectivity very seriously and we are committed to providing a high quality product free of bias.  We will keep an up-to-date version of our Research and Analytics Objectivity Policy on our website at all times and will implement internal processes to ensure the policy is appropriately reflected in our day-to-day business activities.  To navigate to the policy from the website, go to the FAQ page and click on the FAQ at the bottom titled “How do I know BrightScope is truly independent?”  The answer to that question contains a link to the Objectivity Policy.

All questions related to BrightScope research can be directed to research@brightscope.com.