The 2009 ASPPA 401(k) Summit

BrightScope has spent the past few days at the ASPPA 2009 401(k) Summit.  Brian Graff and his team at ASPPA have again assembled an amazing group of speakers. The BrightScope team has enjoyed listening to and meeting with many of the thought leaders in the 401(k) industry. Here are a few thoughts and ideas that resonated with us at the conference:

  • According to Fred Reish the next wave of ERISA litigation will be aimed at service providers.
  • From Fielding Miller’s perspective a “Participant Outcomes” orientation will be critical for advisors to succeed.
  • KC Cannon of the Standard discussed why efforts to adopt a standard fee template across the recordkeeping industry have failed.
  • Marcia Wagner made a strong case that the Deere decision will be a phyrric victory for plan sponsor defendants.
  • Blaine Aikin – the CEO of Fi360 – thinks that when 408(b)(2) comes back it will be even tougher!
  • Randy Johnson from the US Chamber of Commerce discussed the importance of protecting ERISA preemption.

You can read more about the Summit here.