10 Things BrightScope is Reading

Below are 10 articles, blog posts, accouncements, tweets and other miscellaneous musings we deem worthy of your attention:

  1. Attorney Stephen Rosenberg from the Boston ERISA Law Blog wrote an amazing post last week about how fiduciary responsibility might shift in an era of total fee transparency.  Stephen’s blog is an absolute must for anyone following ERISA issues.
  2. Today, BrightScope is presenting at a conference alongside attorney Jason Roberts from Reish Luftman and independent fiduciary Matthew Hutcheson.  The agenda includes a discussion of fiduciary responsibility and fee disclosure as well as a short demo of BrightScope.com.  Thanks to Jason Smith at Intercare for the opportunity to present.
  3. Facing increasing scrutiny due to market declines, the Stable Value Investment Association released a list of answers to frequently asked questions about stable value funds.  For those looking for a quick refresher on stable value funds I highly recommend it.
  4. As a follow up to 4 above, anyone who missed Eleanor Laise’s WSJ article on stable value funds needs to go back and read it immediately.
  5. hr-1984-trackerGeorge Miller is doggedly pursuing 401k fee transparency and held hearings for his 401(k) Fair Disclosure for Retirement Act on April 22nd.  We were particularly impressed with the testimony offered by Alison Borland of Hewitt Associates and Julian Onorato on behalf of CIkR, ASPPA and NAIRPA.  By the way govtrack.com offers the ability to track the progress of HR 1984 via RSS feed.
  6. Nevin Adams’ post about the recent 60 Minutes segment on 401(k) plans was very refreshing, particularly his closing line: “If the retirement plan industry doesn’t come to terms with that reality—and quickly —well, “we can’t” might be someone’s famous last words.”  You’ll have to go read the post to put that in context!
  7. Active managers must dread this report coming out every year.
  8. Thanks to Robert Toth for the friendly reminder about risk minimization.  Could have used that advice about two years ago though I doubt anyone would have listened.  Funny how that works.
  9. Economists Gary Becker and Richard Posner reflect on the efficient markets hypothesis.
  10. Dr. Doom asks for a name change.  BrightScope thinks he deserves it.

For those looking to get a feel for what participants are currently thinking about their 401k plans we encourage you to use search.twitter.com.  Here’s a taste of the practical wisdom you will find there: