Employee Benefits 2010: The Next Decade of Benefits Design

us-chamber-of-commerceBrightScope had the pleasure of speaking at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Headquarters in Washington D.C. last Friday at a conference entitled “Employee Benefits 2010: The Next Decade of Benefits Design and Practices.” Among the many interesting ideas shared at the conference were the following:

  • Blake Ashby, CEO of Adjudica demonstrated how his company hopes to control spiraling health care costs by engaging participants and democratizing health plan data.
  • Wayne Sensor, CEO of Alegent Health, shared how Alegent had created a dramatic change in their workforce by designing an innovative health benefits plan that provided incentives for employees to change their behaviors (smoking cessation, weight loss, preventative care etc.)
  • Lynn Franzoi, SVP of Benefits at Fox Entertainment Group, spoke about the innovative way that Fox approaches providing benefits to a diverse workforce including many Gen X and Gen Y workers.

There were many other dynamic speakers as well, including representatives from MetLife, UnumProvident, Rethinking Your Future, Delphi Digital and many others. The main themes of the conference were transparency and participant engagement.  BrightScope used the opportunity to share its new product, the Plan Management Dashboard.

We would like to thank Aliya Wong, James Gelfand and Walter Mullon at the Chamber for coordinating a great event.