Boise Fiduciary Symposium

independent_fiduciaryWe just returned from a two day “Fiduciary Symposium” in Boise, Idaho organized by independent fiduciary and BrightScope Advisory Board member Matthew Hutcheson.  The event featured presentations and panel discussion with several important leaders in the fiduciary world (listed in order of speaking):

  • Brooks Hamilton, President of Brooks Hamilton & Partners
  • Scott Simon, JD, AIFA, 3(38) Investment Fiduciary
  • Gary Allen, Owner Prudent Investment Advisors
  • Jeff Coontz, Owner Prudent Investment Advisors
  • Sheryl Garrett CFP, Founder of the Garrett Planning Network
  • Aaron Gabbart,Managing Director of G Fiduciary
  • Deb Aboudara, Owner, The Retirement Team
  • Greg Kasten, MBA, CPA, AIFA, CEO of Unified Trust Company
  • Matt Hutcheson, Independent Pension Fiduciary
  • Darwin Abrahamson, Founder of InvestnRetire
  • Joe Childrey, Owner Childrey Investment Partners

A special thanks to the Hutcheson family for hosting a barbeque at their beautiful home.

Congratulations are in order for Brooks Hamilton for his Fiduciary Achievement award.  Keep up the great work Brooks.