Announcing BrightScope Beacon

This week BrightScope announced the launch of BrightScope Beacon, a revolutionary new way for asset managers to understand the retirement marketplace. We are proud to announce that MFS is the first asset manager to begin using the Beacon product. We are also happy to be working with the team at Mercatus Partners who are helping us refine and distribute Beacon.

An Overview of Beacon:

Beacon fundamentally changes the way asset managers approach the Defined Contribution marketplace.  Beacon analytics can inform your go-to-market strategy, how your sales force is organized and compensated, how your product lineup is designed and priced, and how the firm can effectively capitalize on distribution opportunities at the platform, advisor, sponsor and plan level. In short, Beacon links strategic firm-level decision making to plan-level market intelligence and sales opportunities, driving measurable operational and sales efficiencies.


  • BrightScope Beacon provides detailed DC distribution data for every fund in the Defined Contribution marketplace, covering nearly 90% of all assets in the corporate defined contribution marketplace.

  • Beacon contains detailed information on every fund: total number of plans, average plan size and average size of a holding within those plans. In addition a full listing of plans using the fund with contact information can be exported into your CRM software.

  • Beacon allows you to build custom territories and view each fund’s distribution geographically. You can discover where your distribution is strong or weak and structure your territories to optimize your internal strengths and weaknesses.

  • Identify distribution through consultants/advisors and recordkeeping platforms.

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BrightScope CEO Mike Alfred discusses the top funds in 401k Plans on CNBC:

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