Upcoming Q&A Launch, Homepage Redesign

We are very excited to announce some upcoming changes that will make BrightScope’s blog and website more useful for everyone.  Moving forward, our blog will take a slightly different direction.  Up until now, our postings have primarily targeted an audience comprised of financial advisors, retirement professionals, and other financial industry professionals.  We certainly plan to continue this dialogue.  There are two additional goals we want to achieve with our blog postings: 1) increase our communication with  investors using the site and 2) provide more visibility into our product development.  Future blog postings will include product updates, news articles, press coverage, and other buzz relevant to advisors and  investors seeking more information on financial and retirement planning.

Many of you are already familiar with our newest product, BrightScope Advisor Pages.  With BrightScope Advisor Pages, one of our principal objectives is to create a community of users on the site by redefining the way investors and advisors engage with each other.  Prior to the December holiday, we will launch a major new Advisor Pages feature, Advisor Pages Q&A.  Q&A essentially allows users to post questions on any financial topic and allows advisors on the site to answer those questions.  Advisors will also have the ability to contribute and publish financial guides to give current and prospective clients more information on their areas of interest.  By answering questions and contributing financial guides, advisors will raise their visibility on the site, on the BrightScope homepage, and in turn, advisors will interact with more prospective clients.  Our aim is for BrightScope Advisor Pages to become the primary place where investors seek and receive financial advice and where advisors provide financial advice and grow their business.

As part of our Q&A launch, we will roll out a significant homepage redesign to reflect the new Q&A feature and highlight the importance of advisor and investor engagement on the site.  Our homepage redesign will also include two separate search bars, one to search for financial advisors and one to search for retirement plans.  As we accumulated a robust data set on financial advisors, we received feedback from users that it was difficult to find advisors and retirement plans within the same search bar.  We hope that two separate search bars will enable users to easily find what they’re looking for.

We are highly confident that our new Advisor Pages Q&A feature will help us increase the number of  investors and advisors communicating on our site.  An important part of our growth will be investor and advisor participation and making sure that everyone knows about us!  Therefore, we will be dynamically marketing Advisor Pages Q&A in the coming months via our blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, the press, and other online and offline mediums.

Throughout the various stages of our product development we want to hear want you like, what you don’t like, and how you would do things differently.  Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us and we encourage suggestions from investors and advisors as to how we can improve Q&A as well as other aspects of BrightScope Advisor Pages.  On our part, we plan to be as open, transparent, and accessible as possible in answering your questions and addressing your comments.  We will post our progress, product tweaks, future features, and illustrate our momentum for you to see.

Together, we will revolutionize the investor-advisor relationship, increase the accessibility of financial information, and allow all of us to make better financial decisions.  As you know, our core mission is to help millions retire in dignity, and we are extremely passionate and committed to achieving this goal.  Thank you all for your continued support!  Stay tuned for more updates on Advisor Pages Q&A as well as our upcoming homepage redesign.

*Please send your thoughts and ideas on Q&A to answers@brightscope.com or write a comment in response to this post.