Homepage Redesign and Financial Q&A Officially Launched!

We are very excited to officially announce the launch of our much anticipated Homepage Redesign and Financial Q&A Feature!  Read on to learn more about the new functionality and how you can get involved…

Our new homepage design includes two search bars: one for financial advisor search and one for retirement plan search.  As mentioned in our previous Q&A blog posting, our goal in creating separate search bars is to help you easily and quickly find information.

Additionally, the redesigned homepage prominently features our new Financial Q&A forum, including recently answered questions and our advisor Top Contributors.  By answering questions on the site, publishing financial guides, voting on answers, posting comments, and sharing content on social media, advisors can gain points and become a Top Contributor on the site.  A Top Contributor earns a strategic spot on the homepage, driving increased traffic to their advisor profile.

See below for an example of a Financial Q&A answer feed:

How can advisors get involved?

  • Answer questions: View unanswered questions in your areas of expertise and start building relationships with prospects by answering their questions
  • Publish financial guides: Publishing financial guides is a great way for advisors to earn points on the site.  Publishing guides on the site allows advisors to be the first face an investor sees when researching a financial issue.  What better way to effectively market than publish content on your areas of expertise?

Currently, only advisor clients and a select beta group of Q&A advisors will answer questions from investors and post financial guides.

See below for a sample financial guide on the site:

How does the point system work?

  • Advisor clients have access to a complete guide to your contribution score, but at a high level, advisors will be awarded points for publishing financial guides, answering questions, commenting or voting on other’s contributions, sharing content on social media, and receiving upvotes on their own contributions.
  • In our point system, publishing a financial guide is heavily weighted as it requires a significant amount of an advisor’s time.
  • New, unique content in both answers and financial guides will be especially helpful for improving their ranking in search results, which will in turn garner more votes and more points!

Why should advisors engage in Financial Q&A?

  • Leverage over 250,000 unique visitors a month on our site (and growing)
  • Build relationships with clients and prospects
  • Showcase your expertise
  • A direct link to your advisor profile accompanies each of your answers and financial guides
  • Answering questions and posting financial guides often will earn you a spot on our homepage

Questions? Interested in learning more?  Get started with these simple steps.

Email us at answers@brightscope.com.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts!