TIPS Funds Continue Strong DC Asset Growth

Today BrightScope’s research team is pleased to announce the release of a new white paper: TIPS Funds Continue Strong DC Asset Growth in tandem with a list of the Top 20 TIPS Funds in the retirement marketplace. The white paper looks at the top TIPS funds in the retirement marketplace and evaluates how those funds and the overall TIPS market have grown over the last few years. The white paper is designed for asset managers, recordkeepers and advisors who specialize in the DC marketplace to help understand trends in investment menu construction and plan design. Here is a quick overview:

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) funds have experienced a notable increase in popularity in Defined Contribution (DC) retirement plans, as plan sponsors and participants have sought out safe havens for their retirement savings in an increasingly volatile economic environment. Currently TIPS funds represent roughly $15 billion of investable assets in the $3.2 trillion BrightScope Beacon DC database, but that number has been growing at a steady 30% rate as plan sponsors, consultants and advisors see more value in the diversification and inflation-resistant potential of TIPS funds.

TIPS Funds Continue Strong DC Asset Growth: BrightScope White Paper Series

The Top 20 TIPS Funds:

1. PIMCO Real Return

2. Vanguard Inflation-Protected Securities

3. TIAA-CREF Inflation-Linked Bond

4. BlackRock U.S. TIPS

5. SSgA U.S. Inflation-Protected Bond Index

6. Fidelity Inflation-Protected Bond

7. American Century Inflation-Adjusted Bond

8. Barclays Treasury Inflation Protected Securities Index Trust

9. Northern Trust Daily TIPS

10. Western Asset Inflation Indexed Plus Bond

11. American Beacon Treasury Inflation Protected Securities

12. BlackRock Inflation Protected Bond

13. FFTW Inflation-Indexed Bond

14. Fidelity Trust Treasury Bond Index

15. Transamerica Partners Inflation-Protected Securities

16. Wellington Management TIPS Plus

17. MassMutual Premier Inflation-Protected Bond

18. DFA Inflation-Protected Securities

19. American Century Inflation Protection Bond

20. Fidelity Advisor Inflation-Protected Bond


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