Top Social Influencers in the US

We are proud to announce an updated list of the Top 100 Most Social Financial Advisors.

It’s encouraging to see so many advisors expanding their online presence.Kevin Fahey, Director of Product
The Rank considers several individually weighted data points around an advisor’s Twitter profile and Blog, such as Followers, Tweet activity, and Moz Page Authority. BrightScope components also make up a small portion of the overall rank. For advisors who have not yet taken advantage of these channels, the Rank helps them identify top advisors who are models of how to use social media to grow a successful advisory business and a personal brand in the marketplace.

“Investors now expect their advisors to be active, easily vetted and available online. This is one of the driving forces behind AdviceMatch, our new platform that makes it easy for investors to find and evaluate advisors online,” says Kevin Fahey, Director of Product at BrightScope.

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“While the financial services industry has lagged in social media adoption, it’s exciting to finally see a growing number of advisors building their business through blogging and social media,” said Michael Kitces, a partner and Director of Research for Pinnacle Advisory Group, and one of the Top Social Influencers on the BrightScope list. “As many of these advisors have shown by their own example, social media and blogging provides a unique means for advisors to create a presence for themselves and differentiate their expertise in a crowded marketplace.”

Advisors can find out how their social profiles rank for free by claiming their profile on BrightScope and adding their social media details. To learn more visit


100 Most Influential Advisors on Social Media

1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75 | 76-100

BrightScope Profile
Twitter Profile
1 Joshua Brown The Reformed Broker @ReformedBroker
2 Barry Ritholtz The Big Picture @ritholtz
3 Cullen Roche Pragmatic Capitalism @cullenroche
4 Michael Shedlock Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis @MishGEA
5 Jeff Rose Good Financial Cents @jjeffrose
6 Michael Kitces Nerd’s Eye View @MichaelKitces
7 John Mauldin Mauldin Economics @JohnFMauldin
8 David Merkel The Aleph Blog @AlephBlog
9 Mebane Faber Meb Faber Research @MebFaber
10 Robert Seawright Above the Market @RPSeawright
11 Theodore Jenkin Your Smart Money Moves @oXYGenFinancial
12 Ric Edelman Edelman Financial Services Education Center @ricedelman
13 Thomas Brakke The Research Puzzle @researchpuzzler
14 Roger Wohlner The Chicago Financial Planner @rwohlner
15 Carolyn McClanahan Carolyn Sue McClanahan on Forbes @CarolynMcC
16 Russell Thornton Wealthcare for Women @RussThornton
17 Rick Ferri Rick Ferri Blog @Rick_Ferri
18 George Papadopoulos George Papadopoulos on WSJ @feeonlyplanner
19 Neal Frankle Wealth Pilgrim @NealFrankle
20 Catherine Curtis Of Independent Means @cathycurtis
21 Sophia Bera Gen Y Planning @sophiabera
22 David Kudla David Paul Kudla on Forbes @David_Kudla
23 Sheryl Garrett Garrett Planning Network Blog @SherylGarrett
24 Jim Blankenship Getting Your Financial Ducks In A Row @BlankenshipFP
25 John Reese The Guru Investor @GuruInvestor


BrightScope Profile
Twitter Profile
26 Tim Maurer Tim Maurer Blog @TimMaurer
27 Jason Hull Hull Financial Planning @hull_j
28 Jeffrey Miller A Dash of Insight @dashofinsight
29 H Jude Boudreaux Upperline Financial Blog @HJudeBoudreaux
30 Charles Sizemore Sizemore Insights @CharlesSizemore
31 Mary Storjohann Workable Wealth Blog @marybstorj
32 Jonathan Heller Cheap Stocks @JonMHellerCFA
33 Brittney Castro Financially Wise Women @Brittneycastro
34 Jonathan Deyoe Happiness Dividend Blog @DeYoeWealth
35 Wesley Gray Alpha Architect Blog @alphaarchitect
36 Richard Kahler Financial Awakenings @RickKahler
37 Scott Krisiloff Avondale Asset Management Blog @Skrisiloff
38 Wade Slome Investing Caffeine @WadeSlome
39 Ann Zuraw Chicks Chat and Change @AZanswers
40 Manisha Thakor MoneyZen Blog @ManishaThakor
41 Dave Grant Finance for Teachers Blog @davegrant82
42 David Fabian Investor Insights Blog @fabiancapital
43 Josh Patrick Value Creation Blog @AskJoshPatrick
44 Lon Jefferies Utah Financial Advisor Blog @LonJefferies
45 James Cox Retirement Rumors @jamesacoxiii
46 Matthew Becker Mom and Dad Money @MomAndDadMoney
47 Kimberly Howard Kimberly J. Howard, CFP Blog @KimHowardCFP
48 James Bell Momentum @Bellinvest
49 Gregory Skidmore Belpointe News @gregskidmore
50 Aron Pinson MicroFundy @MicroFundy


BrightScope Profile
Twitter Profile
51 John Anderson Practically Speaking @SEIJohnA
52 James Osborne Bason Asset Management Blog @BasonAsset
53 Ronald Rhoades Scholarly Financial Planner @140ltd
54 Christopher Wang Runnymede Blog @Chris_Wang888
55 Andrew Wang Runnymede Blog @RunnymedeCap
56 Eric Burkholder The Legacy Financial Group Blog @eburkholder
57 Roger Nusbaum Random Rodger @randomroger
58 Robert Henderson The Retirement Workshop @LansdowneWealth
59 Sheri Cupo SageBroadview Blog @sage_cupo
60 Kimberly Curtis Wealth Legacy Institute Blog @KimCurtisLegacy
61 Joshua Itzoe Fixing the 401(k) @fixingthe401k
62 Dan Crimmins Roots of Wealth @CrimminsWM
63 Arie Korving Korving & Company Blog @KorvingCo
64 Stephen Korving Korving & Company Blog @KorvingCo
65 Larry Frank, Sr. Better Financial Education @LarryFrankSr
66 Tony Krance 401k Plan Advisors Blog @tkrance
67 Erin Baehr Purposeful Money @ErinBaehr
68 Kim Miller Kim Miller’s Egalitarian Adviser @KimM53
69 Thomas Froehlich Building, Preserving, & Transferring Wealth @WealthMgr
70 Michael Zeuner WE Family Offices Blog @zeunerm
71 Evan Levine Complete Advisors Blog @EvanMLevine
72 Christian Hviid Christian Hviid on Seeking Alpha @PtGuardCapital
73 John Kvale Street Cents @johnkvale
74 Elliot Turner Compounding My Interests @ElliotTurn
75 James Brewer Envision 401k Advisors Blog @JB401kadvisor


BrightScope Profile
Twitter Profile
76 Sara Stanich Cultivating Wealth @SaraStanich
77 Scott Dauenhauer The Meridian Blog @meridianwealth
78 Timothy Lay Transamerica Blog @tlay40
79 Roger Hewins One Bite – A Hewins Financial Blog @HewinsFinancial
80 David Nelson David Nelson’s Blog @davidnelsoncfa
81 Joseph Alfonso Aegis Financial Advisory Blog @AegisAdvisory
82 Robert Schmansky Clear Money Blog @moneyclarity
83 Ronald E Rogers Freedom For Living Blog @rerogers777
84 Michael Keeler You and Your Money @MikeKeeler_FP
85 Phillip Christenson Phillip James Financial Blog @InvestPJF
86 James Wilson JE Wilson Blog @jwilsonsc
87 Femi Shote AssetHarvest Blog @RetireWiseCFP
88 Eric Toya Navigoe Blog @erictoya
89 Barry Glassman Glassman Wealth Services Blog @BarryGlassman
90 Rose Greene Money Matters Blog @RoseGreeneCFP
91 Daniel Zajac Finance and Flip Flops @daniel_zajac
92 Jonathan Castle Paragon Perspectives @PARAGONChief
93 Daniel McElwee Ventura Wealth Management Blog @DHMcElwee
94 Matthew Etzler Etzler Financial Blog @etzlerfinancial
95 Peter Cacioppo Eagle Hill Wealth Management Blog @PeterCacioppo
96 John Schoolman TruNorth Capital Blog @TruNorthCapital
97 Joseph Pitzl Pitzl Financial Blog @JoePitzl
98 Tony Powers Retirement Plan Advisors Blog @tonypowers_cfp
99 Karen Ramsey Ramsey Investing Blog @KarenSRamsey
100 Dennis Packard Align Wealth Management Blog @AlignUrWealth

 *Disclosure: Joshua Brown and Michael Kitces are Advisors to BrightScope.


The BrightScope Social Influence Rank aggregates information on advisors actively engaging with current and prospective clients using digital media channels and measures how their efforts stack up against their peers. The Rank considers several individually weighted data points around an advisor’s Twitter profile and Blog, such as Followers, Tweet activity, Moz Page Authority, and more. BrightScope components also make up a small portion of the overall rank.

BrightScope obtains its data directly from publicly available sources, including regulatory filings from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Financial advisors can supplement these primary sources by claiming their profile. By analyzing and interpreting this data, BrightScope provides unparalleled insight into the financial management industry.