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A free and simple research tool for mutual funds:

BrightScope has already helped thousands review and compare 401(k) options.  Now we’re excited to expand our mission of increasing transparency in financial services to include mutual funds and ETFs.  Fund Pages provides individual investors and financial professionals with deep insights which were previously expensive or hard to find.

“Our technology reveals detailed information on thousands of funds, and supplements it with proprietary BrightScope data to provide a comprehensive picture of the market.”Mike Alfred, CEO and co-founder of BrightScope
Sample Score Card

Scorecard Sample

Funds at a glance

With Fund Pages users can find any U.S. mutual fund by fund family, fund name or ticker.  The result is a single page with the most important information to have before making an investment decision.  Our proprietary Fund Scorecard offers a high-level overview showing how the fund stacks up in six essential categories.

Advisors and more savvy investors can dive deeper and review assets over time, net asset flows, fees, turnover and (of course) performance.

Ranking Sample

Ranking Sample

Better Peer Comparisons

Performance charts are easy to find, but without context they are of little use.  Fund Pages compares and ranks the selected fund against a peer group, which consists of other funds in the same category and sold in similar distribution channels.  Finally, you can see at a glance how well the fund performs against other similar options.

Connecting Investors with Advisors

Each fund also highlights local financial advisors who are experienced with the selected fund.  These listings link to Advisor Pages, where investors can review an advisor’s record and experience before requesting a meeting.

Advisor Listing Sample

Advisor Listing Sample

Connecting Advisors with Wholesalers

Fund Pages is the easiest place for advisors to connect with fund wholesalers.  Registered advisor users will automatically see their wholesaler for the fund they are viewing.  If they have any questions or would like to setup a meeting, they can email the wholesaler directly from Fund Pages.

Wholesaler Sample

Wholesaler Sample

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BrightScope obtains its data from both publicly available and private sources, including regulatory filings from the Securities and Exchange Commission and Lipper.