Gain insight and grow distribution efforts.

Sales data and analytics are useless unless they convert insights into opportunities. Distribution can instantly identify top opportunities by territory, market share, as well as which product offerings outperform the competition.

Bring all data together and drive revenue.

Distribution leaders don't need more data; they need actionable data. By combining aggregated sales data and market intelligence, cross-channel metrics and performance KPIs are brought to the surface. Leverage these newly found insights and let the data create the pitchbook for your next meeting.


Equip your team to play both offense and defense.

Increase performance and activity by segmenting clients and prospects by territory, assets, and product.



Leverage fully-integrated sales data and channel intelligence to track your business.



Build and strengthen relationships with up-to-date information for any plan, advisor, provider, fund, or asset manager across any channel.



Easily configure sales dashboards to see the most relevant and actionable data specific to you and your team. Quickly understand assets, flows, and market share by territory, product, platform, advisor, and more.



Search any field by territory and quickly uncover asset classes, fund families, and market share to identify proactive cross-selling opportunities at the individual, team, branch, and firm level.



Drive better outcomes by focusing wholesalers on the right prospects, the right product, and the right messaging.


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